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Chain Sprockets Parts

  • Coloured Chain in 525 in Red Blue Green or Orange

    Afam Chain 525 pitch Supplied in Red, Blue, Green or Orange. Supplied with Riv Link for fitting. All are Heavy duty "X" ring design. Please select the number of links you require, please email if unsure. 520 > 525 and 530 also listed in our other...

    £133.00 - £145.00
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  • Professional Chain Breaking and Riveting Set

    PROFESSIONAL CHAIN BREAKING & RIVETING KIT for all chains including: 520/525/530/532 chains. Featuring a heavy duty head mechanism and jumbo sized handle, this chain tool makes easy work of breaking, plating and riveting motorcycle drive chains.

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  • Supersprox X Ring Gold chain and Renthal Front Sprocket kit

    Supersprox X Ring Gold chain and Renthal Front Sprocket kit

    Please email for a price on the kit required and i will list one for your bike. The best looking and one of the strongest kits i can find! Details below.... Supersprox Tri-Metal Sprocket + Renthal Steel Front Sprocket + "X" Ring Gold Link...

  • Whale chain tools for 520, 525, 530 and 532 sizes

    Whale brand Chain tool. For 520, 525, 530 and 532 sizes Chosen by professional workshop users for their high quality and durability. Ideal for regular heavy duty and workshop use. Option 1: Breaker tool Option 2: Riverter tool Option 3: Breaker...

    £80.00 - £117.00
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  • Workshop Chain Breaker and Assembler

    WORKSHOP CHAIN BREAKER PRESS & RIVETER for all chains including:520/525/530/532 chains Heavy duty chain tool for breaking, pressing and riveting motorcycle drive chains. Tool can be secured using vice or spanner. Hexagon head shaft for socket head or...

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  • ZF Rear Sprocket

    ZF Rear Sprocket

    ZF dual sprockets are among the highest quality and most technically advanced sprockets in the world. The tensile strength is about 11 times that of pure aluminum. By curing, duralumin almost reaches the strength of steel. Accordingly, a lower weight and...