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  • Battery Guard Monitor your Battery by Bluetooth

    Battery Guard Monitor your Battery by Bluetooth

    With the INTACT battery guard and the free App for Apple (Iphone 4S and newer) or Android (4.3 or higher), you can easily check the voltage via bluetooth. Works with any vehicle battery (6V / 12V / 24V). Unmounting or physical access to the battery...

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  • Bike Insurance for modified bikes

    As you can see, my bike is not exactly standard anymore, and the problem I now face is getting a good quote for the bike. Don't want to risk losing out in the event of a claim? Don't like hiding your mods? I have now found a good company that...

  • Chain Adjusting and Laser Alignment tools bundle

    Chain Adjusting and Laser Alignment tools bundle

    Bundle pack includes 1 x Chain Monkey and 1 x Laser Monkey Chain Monkey quickly and easily sets correct chain tension Laser Monkey aligns your wheel and sprocket Ideal for new riders through to experienced mechanics Patented design   Tru-Tension...

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  • Chain Monkey Chain Slack setting tool

    Chain Monkey Chain Slack setting tool

    Correct tension first time, every time.Chain Monkey is the world’s first tool designed to help you set the tension on your vehicle’s drive chain. The task of tensioning a chain can be a tedious and time consuming task, especially on motorcycles. But not...

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  • Fender Extender Honda DN01

    Designed to protect your bike from debris thrown up by the front tyre. The extenda fender helps keep rider and bike cleaner, cuts down on paint damage on the lower fairing and also protects important parts of the bike such as the radiator and oil...

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  • Fuel Filler Cap Honda - Valter Moto Fast Action

    Fuel Filler Cap Honda - Valter Moto Fast Action

    Valter Moto "Fast Action" Fuel Filler Cap Fits all Honda models 1/4 Turn Lightweight Fuel Filler Cap Fast, quick release for track. Interchangeable with OEM Unit.CNC Machined Aluminium Billet Made Black anodised **** PLEASE NOTE...

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  • Liquid Film Protector Cleaner Kit by Pro-Dream

    Liquid Film Protector Cleaner Kit by Pro-Dream

    Please select OPTION 1: Small 130ml OPTION 2: Large 300ml KEY FEATURES: Liquid Film Protector/Cleaner Suitable for all surfaces Cleans, Protects, Revives UV resistant protection Heat Resistant – use on engine parts and chrome Cleans...

    £13.00 - £22.00
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  • Motorcycle Jack Tirox Snapjack Portable Jack

    Motorcycle Jack Tirox Snapjack Portable Jack

    Tirox Snapjack v2- whether you're at home or on the road. Snapjack is an easy to use portable jack for lubing, cleaning & adjusting your drive chain. For use on most modern sport, sport touring, superbike, dual-sport, adventure, standard and entry level...

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  • OEM Parts for Honda

    Jesters can supply Original Honda Items, Please email us with the part you require. If you can supply us with the OE part number or a photo or the item you need we will price the part up for you. In most cases we can supply a break down of the...

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  • Paddock Stand by ABBA

    Paddock Stand by ABBA

    The abba Superbike Stand requires no modifications or parts to be fitted to your bike whatsoever, your machine stays totally standard. Should you change your motorcycle its a simple case of upgrading your fitting kit for your new machine, fittings can...

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  • Paintwork Protection Shield by 3M

    Paintwork Protection Shield by 3M

    Venture Shield Paint Protection Film will ensure that your machine's bodywork remains free from stone chips and cracks. In the kit: 300mm x 300mm square of venture shield ( 12"x12" ) 3M squeegee Instructions Shipped in a tube for...

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  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 2x sensors and 1x Display OPTION:1 DIY System Screw on Sensor TP90 The system comes with 2 screw on sensors and a visual display that shows in real time the current tyre pressures of both tyres in PSI/Bar format...

    £100.00 - £110.00
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  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System by Michelin

    MICHELIN Tyre Pressure Monitoring System for Motorbikes (MICHTPMS1) The wireless system does not need any programming and features a compact LCD screen which fits into a magnetic mount placed on a prominent part of the bike. The fully sealed and...

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  • USB Outlet for Bike Charging lead   REF TEN07

    USB Outlet for Bike Charging lead REF TEN07

    Use this item to charge iPhone, iPad, iPod, GPS, Camera or any Smartphone or device that be charged via USB Designed for use on any 12v battery Input: 12v DC Max Output: 5v DC / 2.1A Simply plug it in to the quick disconnect SAE battery harness that...

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  • Wheel Brace/Motorcycle Front Wheel Stand Grab Adjustable

    1pc construction wheel chock provides excellent stability of motorcycles in storage or transit • 38mm tubular steel construction• Steel base-plate for front wheel location features 2 side-plates to grip front wheel• Side-plates are lockable and width...

    £27.00 - £110.00
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  • Wheel Brace/Motorcycle Front Wheel Stand/Grab

    Wheel Brace/Motorcycle Front Wheel Stand/Grab

    This Wheel Brace/Grab has been designed to hold the bike upright using the front wheel, which is idea in cramped environments. Simply wheel the bike into the Wheel Brace and the pivot place holds the bike firmy in position. The Wheel Brace is a great...

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  • Wheel Rim Tape Reflective

    Wheel Rim Tape Reflective

    Biketek versatile tape rolls take wheel stripes one step further. 7mm wide. The rolls of tape mould to the contour of the surpface being adhered to, making easy and effective work on wheels. Each roll is long enough to cover both sides of 2 wheels...

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