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Where's my order

At Jesters Trick Bits, a large number of the items that we list are MADE TO ORDER. This, obviously, means that your order isn't going to turn up within a few days of you ordering it.

We do give an estimated - usually a "worst case scenario" - dispatch time with all products so please do take this into account when chasing up your order with us.

We have a very experienced company handling our dispatch and we are certain that this will lead to shorter turnaround times both for short lead-time products and with the "made to order" items that take a little longer to process.

Overseas customers will also benefit from the more efficient handling of overseas shipping.

What can you do if you're waiting for an order?

1) Check our "Delivery" pages for any notices about general delays in dispatches and delivery

See that heading marked "Delivery" in our menu above? That has a general delivery information page as well as any special information or notices, such as public holidays and warehouse stock-takes, that may be relevent. Please do check this for notices or messages before enquiring.

2) Have we emailed you to notify your that your order has been dispatched?

If so, then it will be en route to you but please bear in mind that weather, public holidays, strikes etc all affect delivery times. If we haven't notified you of dispatch then it is possible that your order is still pending stock. We never keep your waiting unnecessarily, however, and we WILL get your item(s) posted out to you as SOON as we received them from suppliers. If it's still within the website quoted timescales, then please bear with us.

3) Have you checked your local sorting office or mail office?

It's the first place to check. More often than not (and certainly more often than the mail delivery services will admit!) you may not be left a "we tried to deliver" card if the mail cannot be delivered. Most orders will be too large for a mailbox and. if someone is not home to receive a parcel, it will be taken back to your local mail office. Please do check there and ensure that they DO check for you.

4) Re-check your order details to ensure we have your address correct

You'd be surprised how many people mis-type their address! Please do ensure that your order was originally submitted with correct details and alert us immediately if you think there may have been an error.

5) Still waiting?

If, after all this, you're still waiting, please do let us know. If it is suspected that an item is lost, for whatever reason, we may be able to send a replacement out to you. You may also be required to submit a "confirmation of lost mail" form to the appropriate mail service to make a legal statement that you have not received the item(s).

Multiple item orders

It is worth noting that multiple item orders may be shipped separately or as one parcel. Overseas orders will ALWAYS be shipped as one parcel and you should allow the longest estimate time for dispatch of these orders.

UK orders may be split between suppliers, or between suppliers and our own dispatch, depending on the items. In these cases you may receive some items before others, depending on turnaround time. If you have any worries about any outstanding items, please do contact us, via our contact form, ALWAYS QUOTING YOUR ORDER NUMBER.